WHAT IS STUFFED ZITI FRITTA AN OLIVE GARDEN.In diminutive, cheese occupied noodles. Cooked ziti pasta is complete with 5 categories of cheese, rolled in Italian breading and fried pending golden. To make it a factual copycat replete ziti fritter recipe, make unquestionable to attend it with a side of alfredo paste and marinara sauce and scattering it with chopped rosemary.

Stuffed Ziti is a very general dish in Italy and is analogous to Chinese stir-fry. It is named stuffed ziti since the dish contains pasta, stuffed through cheese and meat or vegetables, and deep-fried or parched. This is a countless recipe for those who poverty to make an Italian unusual dish at home.

Stuffed Ziti is one of my preferred Italian meals. It is tremendously informal to make and tastes amazing. The satisfying may sound simple nonetheless there is so abundant depth to this dish. There are so numerous things to think around when you poverty to transmute ziti into an unusual dish.

If you’re preparation on serving stuffed ziti fritta, you’ve became to make unquestionable your visitors are well fed. Here’s a formula for stuffed ziti fritta that makes it informal to feed your hungry visitors with delightful stuffed pasta dishes.

How to Make Stuffed Ziti Fritta

Stuffed ziti fritta recipe is a unassuming, speedy that will have your family suppliant for supplementary. The ziti fritta is covered with cheese and formerly dipped in egg batter beforehand being fried to excellence. This dish can be attended as an appetizer or smooth dinner once served with salad or pasta side dishes. We canister all convincingly consent that the maximum savory appetizers are continuously the cheesy and crispy ones.

Olive Garden’s Stuffed Ziti Fritta is one delightful delicacy and it’s overwhelmingly delicious.

Unknown screams a delicious starter like an unfilled plate left after.

Select this flavorsome formula today and make it an everyday-go-to flimsiness.

The amusing cheese mixture gives it that moist, milk-like fresh discrimination that spells yummy in every bite.

It’s baptized Stuffed Ziti Fritta since it is made of thick pasta replete with cheese.

It’s not solitary deliciously crispy and crispy, but similarly sublimely simple to make.

It’s a strained and tested crowd-pleaser that smooth the pickiest guzzler won’t resist.

Since the supposed of this Italian fragility makes you want to valley on it, let’s take it conservative to your kitchen.


  • Rigatoni pasta (as abundant as you need)
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Mozzarella Cheese (Ragged)
  • Cream Cheese (unstiffened) 
  • Parmesan Cheese (Irritated)
  • Romano Cheese (Tattered)
  • Eggs
  • All-purpose Flour
  • Bread scraps
  • Olive Oil
  • Instructions

Step 1

Boil the rigatoni pasta on behalf of two minutes fewer than the package proposes. Ensure that all the additional water is exhausted from the boiled pasta. Stirring in the olive oil.

Step 2

Combination composed ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and Romano cheese in a great bowl.

Step 3

Seal a zip lock bag or a piercing bag with the mixture. You necessity seal the bag and cut the angles if you are using a zip-lock bag for piping.

Step 4

Residence the cheese combination on one side of the baked rigatoni. Flip finished and fill the other sideways. Put the frozen rigatoni on a cookie piece or parchment paper. Positioned in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Step 5

Depression each rigatoni moderately in the beaten egg afterward coating with flour. Then, coat through breadcrumbs.

Step 6

With a positioned spoon, drop three to six parts of breaded rigatoni hooked on the hot oil at 350 degrees F. Frying every batch for three minutes pending the outside is golden brown. Endure with the outstanding pieces.

Step 7

Streak them with a paper towel so that additional oil can be wiped off. Attend with chopped rosemary and parmesan cheese. Add marinara sauce and Alfredo paste to your pasta fritta for additional flavour and taste.

Health Facts

●Stuffed Ziti Fritta comprises 500 calories in a portion, which is a beneficial amount of calories to take.

●Cheese is the foremost stuffed component. Cheese stretches your body the calcium it requirements in order to uphold normal blood heaviness and for healthy bone and teeth creation. According to a study, daily ingesting of 1 ¾ ounce cheese reductions the risk of constricting type 2 diabetes by about 8%.

●It comprises basil, a flavorful verdant herb that defends your body from infections and drops your blood sugar levels. This perfumed herb is full of antioxidants that fight free activists in our bodies, which can upsurge the risk of astringent cancer and arthritis. It also controls blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol stages.


Subsequent time you have particular family and friends over, stretch them this cheesy formation.

Why would you make misgivings at Olive Garden yet you can bring the same tasty Stuffed Ziti Fritta nonetheless this time in large helpings?

Make this Italian singular and be assured your visitors will lick it off their spoons.

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