Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?.Beef jerky is single of the maximum popular snacks nowadays. Hikers and outside enthusiasts love it! Beef jerky is completed by taking select cuts of meat and ventilation it out in the sun. It’s a unassuming process that gives it a salty flavor and a chewy consistency. Beef jerky can be originate in a variability of shapes and flavors. 

You canister find it in piquant flavors comparable smoked and peppered, saccharine flavors comparable honey and cinnamon, or in numerous flavors like chocolate and cherry. Though, even with all the choices, it is difficult to find reasonable beef jerky. The price of beef jerky has been snowballing in recent years. In this object, we are profitable to explain why!

Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

Beef jerky is expensive since it requires a lot of slender beef (over $6 per pound!). Manufacture it is also time-consuming, which consequences in high labor costs and limited foundation. Beef jerky encompasses a variety of overpriced preservers. Dispensation facilities are not inexpensive. Procedures and the supermarkets all enhance a markup to profit. 

1.Beef is exclusive

The important input to make beef jerky is beef. Beef is extremely expensive associated to other food and smooth to other kinds of meat. This is since cattle take 4 years to increase beforehand they can be defeated, and each cow needs around 3 acres of land. The charge of owning land and the work of raising cows is priced into the charge of beef. Cows likewise eat a ration! It can cost up to $4 per day to feedstuff a cow. As the price of nourishment, labor, and land is continuously increasing, the price of beef is similarly shooting up. This consequences in beef jerky flattering more and additional expensive.

It necessitates a ration of beef to make beef jerky. As beef jerky is dried, all dampness is occupied out of the steak. This is why it receipts 3 pounds of beef to type just 1 pound of beef jerky. So once you associate beef jerky to the price of beef based on heaviness, beef jerky will continuously be a lot additional expensive.

2.Extraordinary labor charges

Beef jerky is actual time-consuming to harvest. Employees need to devote hours and hours smoldering and then ventilation the meat. They need to be frequently monitoring the beef to safeguard the final product is faultless. All of these employees essential to be paid a remuneration. To recompense employees, creators need to price their beef jerky high adequate so they can cover gambles. As most beef jerky you trouble is made in America, wages will be extraordinary due to the durable labor market, high cost of living compared to unindustrialized countries, and minimum wage. Wages also unhurriedly increase completed time, and beef jerky’s value will also upsurge. When you are purchasing a packet of beef jerky, you aren’t just reimbursing for uncooked ingredients, nonetheless you are disbursing for every worker who works at the company.

3.Inadequate source

It canister take days to make a beef jerky since you have to soak it in the dressing, smoke it, and lastly dry it. Due to the protracted making procedure, companies’ output is limited. To recompense for this limited productivity, beef jerky manufacturers will charge a premium price. Manufacturers are not able to continuously increase manufacture, so the strong request for beef jerky can support high values. If someone discovers a way to produce specialized beef jerky in half the present time, beef jerky source will shoot through the roof, quickly surpass the demand and cause a droplet in prices. Pending this happens, the lack of supply due to time constraints will still allow producers to charge a tall price for beef jerky.

4.Exclusive dispensation conveniences

To harvest profitable levels of beef jerky, you essential to have a huge facility. You likewise need to have lots of saleable smokers that can cost concluded $18,000, and you requirement commercial dehumidifiers, which charge thousands of dollars. Beef jerky creators need to capitalize millions of dollars in their conveniences and equipment and then devote hundreds of thousands and smooth millions every year to preserve their production competences. All of these expenditures are additional to the price of beef jerky.

Consequently it is not as humble as calculating the cost of beef, marinades, and preservers and then decisive the jerky price. You essential to account for all paraphernalia, upkeep, and the facility itself. Consecutively a commercial beef jerky operation is extremely expensive and requires significant wealth. This capital is frequently debt-financed, and corporations are paying interest on their advances which further upsurges the price of beef jerky.

5. Beef jerky manufacturer profit

It would be countless if beef jerky creators were making extremely tasty jerky out of the compassion of their hearts, nevertheless they are for-profit businesses. On behalf of beef jerky producers to endure to make jerky, they need to make a profit. To earn this profit, they have to custody way more than it costs to make beef jerky since the cost they responsibility for beef jerky requirements to cover all incidentals from labor to insurance to apparatus to rent and conservation of the plant. And immobile, leave enough left over for income. The producer markup on beef jerky is extremely large because jack link’s workers can buy 1 pound of beef jerky for just $.3, if you purchase pound retail imagine to pay over $17 unfluctuating when purchasing in bulk!

6.Superstore profit

Superstores necessity to make a profit. The way supermarkets type a profit is by purchasing from contractors at price X and selling to you at price Y. They course calculations to control what price they prerequisite to sell a good at to break uniform and profit. They then training the market and originate up with a price that produce demand will support. Preferably, they want to charge as considerable as possible. With a produce like beef jerky, superstores can charge profits as high as 250%! Although this may appear like a very high profit, supermarkets have enormous expenses, counting logistics, labor, spoiled food, assurance, and more! You can except a lot of money by purchasing beef jerky in bulk straight from the producer. This way, you circumvent the superstore’s markup.

Is Beef Jerky Value the Price?

Beef jerky is value the price if you are observing for a snack that has protein, healthy fats, and is extraordinary in minerals similar iron and zinc. Though, if you are on a budget, you are improved off buying other types of administered meat such by way of bacon.

Beef jerky is expensive and not very filling. It is similarly very salty and can speedily become uninteresting to eat. However, if you love the discrimination of beef and love saline dried meats, then beef jerky is price trying.

Is Manufacture Beef Jerky Cheaper Than Purchasing It?

It is extreme cheaper to make your own grievance jerky than purchase it from the store. You canister save $4 on each 18oz (510g) of beef jerky made. This is since store-bought beef jerky has a markup from the manufacturer and another markup from the superstore. 

Beef jerky manufacturers and supermarkets prerequisite to make a profit. To complete a profit, they jack up the prices of beef jerky technique above the construction cost of beef jerky. You can except $5 on every 18oz (510g) of beef jerky by avoiding these markups and manufacture your beef jerky.

Household beef jerky is extremely easy to make. All you essential is particular flank steak and a few condiments for your dressing. We like soy paste, black pepper, and Worcestershire paste. Then just buy a dehydrator at any subdivision store and generate your own touch and flavor combinations. If you are prepared to eke your individual beef jerky, check out this beneficial video guide on in what way to make beef jerky in the oven:


Beef jerky is unique of the most popular snacks in America and likewise one of the most exclusive. It is so pricey since the cost of beef continues to increase, and it is labor-intensive. The normal price of beef jerky is currently over $2 per ounce! Nevertheless if you’re on a economical, you can exchange out your beef jerky for turkey jerky or smooth make your individual beef jerky at home!

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