Why Is My Car’s A/C Blowing Hot Air?

Why Is My Car’s A/C Blowing Hot Air?.Around are few things inferior to getting into a hot car on a seasonal day, turning up the A/C, and getting a expression full of hot air in its place of cold. Having a shattered air condition is positively uncomfortable, and it can even be dangerous if the car’s infection gets too high.

We poverty to make sure you vacation cool this summer, so here’s a director for when your car A/C is propelling hot air.


Conflicting to what many persons think, your car’s air habituation doesn’t create cool air. In its place, it takes the air around your car, eliminates the hot air and moisture, and then blows this drinkable air through your vents.

The procedure of removing hot air and moisture from the air necessitates several different parts. Particular of these parts responsible for this procedure include:

  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor & condenser
  • Evaporator

Once it comes to crunchy, cold air flowing finished your vents, all these parts obligation be working at 100%.

Five reason name why your car ac blowing hot air

  • Run Depressed Compressor
  • Cloudy Air Filter
  • Low or Dripping Refrigerant
  • Immoral Condenser
  • Electrical Structure problom
  • Stuck Blend Door 

Reason1. Run Depressed Compressor

Your car’s AC compressor is answerable for pressurizing the refrigerant unsolidified and circulating it through the system of hoses and conduits to cool your car’s curbside cabin. As a hardworking constituent, the compressor is very susceptible to failure due to attire and tear. In some car representations, it can also fail once you start it after a long historical of inactivity — such as when you try to change the air conditioning on for the principal time in summer. A failing compressor may source your 

Reason2. Cloudy Air Filter

Particular automobile makes, and models are prepared with a cabin air filter. Impartial as with your HVAC filter at home, your car’s air filter progressively gets clogged with dust and debris, so unvarying changing is essential. Moreover hot air blowing from your openings, other signs that your cabin air filter could be congested include musty smells or excessively loud noises when you’re consecutively the AC.

Reason3. Low Or Dripping Refrigerant

Refrigerant (also recognized as “coolant”) is a fluid that freshens your passenger cabin as it alternately increases and condenses, mingling throughout the air conditioning organization. Since the system is closed and airtight, your refrigerant source cannot evaporate or get used up. A low equal of refrigerant means you’ve got a leak anywhere, which should be mended before your coolant is outdid up.

Finding and fixing a refrigerant leakage is a complicated task, best absent to an auto overhaul professional. Uncertainty you’re driving a pre-1995 vehicle,   makes it smooth more complicated; you obligation have it leak-tested by a specialist with an Ozone Depletion Prevention documentation to guarantee that you won’t be “discharging an ozone-depleting ingredient.”

Reason4. Immoral Condenser

The condenser is a energetic component of your automobile air habituation. Once the refrigerant has enthused through the compressor, the job of the condenser is to convey it depressed to ambient temperature.

The compressor’s location — at the front of your car amongst the radiator and the grille — allows air graceful through the grate to help with the cooling procedure. However, sometimes it also permits road grime and debris to get trapped confidential the condenser. The consequence will be a blockage or smooth breakage, such as the puncturing of unique of the condenser tubes.

Reason5. Electrical Structure problom

Your car’s AC is electrically powered, and the greatest common purpose for car air conditioning that blows hot air is an electrical classification malfunction. If any one of the mechanisms in its arrangement of fuses, relays, and adjustments stops working as it should, the complete electrical classification will shut down.

Reason6.Stuck Blend Door 

The mixture door prevents the warm air on the external from getting into your car. Uncertainty your blend door is trapped, the cool air generated will never get finished.

If your car air habituation isn’t feeling cold enough, feel permitted to bring your vehicle to the experts at STR Automotive. We’ll prudently inspect and diagnose your A/C problematic and have it fixed punctually. 


Unique of the last things you famine to experience on a warm or damp day is hot air coming out of your car’s AC arrangement. If you ever treasure yourself in this situation, don’t postponement to take your car to your important mechanic.

They’ll practice their skills and expertise to rapidly identify the foundation of the hot air before conclusion the solution and fixing the problematic. With their help, you’ll be journeying the town in no time at all with replacement, cool air gusting in your expression.


Unfluctuating without these encounters, the average natural life of a car AC is 15 to 20 years — occasionally just a little over a decade. Though, this short-lived time surround should come as no amazement.

Like the whole kit and caboodle else mechanical, the machineries of your vehicle’s air conditioning organization are bound to fail finished time. This natural weakening is why stringent observance to routine conservation is utterly noteworthy, as these measures add to the longevity and presentation of your AC unit. If you have surveyed most (or all) of the steps in this attendant and endure to get hot air gusted out of your AC vents, it could be time to seek specialized help or look into standby options.

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